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एक चिकित्सक, शल्य-चिकित्सक जो हिन्दी हिन्दू हिन्दुस्तान व उसकी संस्कृति-सभ्यता के पुनुरुत्थान व समुत्थान को समर्पित है व हिन्दी एवम हिन्दी साहित्य की शुद्धता, सरलता, जन-सम्प्रेषणीयता के साथ कविता को जन-जन के निकट व जन को कविता के निकट लाने को ध्येयबद्ध है क्योंकि साहित्य ही व्यक्ति, समाज, देश राष्ट्र को तथा मानवता को सही राह दिखाने में समर्थ है, आज विश्व के समस्त द्वन्द्वों का मूल कारण मनुष्य का साहित्य से दूर होजाना ही है.... मेरी तेरह पुस्तकें प्रकाशित हैं... काव्य-दूत,काव्य-मुक्तामृत,;काव्य-निर्झरिणी, सृष्टि ( on creation of earth, life and god),प्रेम-महाकाव्य ,on various forms of love as whole. शूर्पणखा काव्य उपन्यास, इन्द्रधनुष उपन्यास एवं अगीत साहित्य दर्पण (-अगीत विधा का छंद-विधान ), ब्रज बांसुरी ( ब्रज भाषा काव्य संग्रह), कुछ शायरी की बात होजाए ( ग़ज़ल, नज़्म, कतए , रुबाई, शेर का संग्रह), अगीत त्रयी ( अगीत विधा के तीन महारथी ), तुम तुम और तुम ( श्रृगार व प्रेम गीत संग्रह ), ईशोपनिषद का काव्यभावानुवाद .. my blogs-- 1.the world of my thoughts श्याम स्मृति... 2.drsbg.wordpres.com, 3.साहित्य श्याम 4.विजानाति-विजानाति-विज्ञान ५ हिन्दी हिन्दू हिन्दुस्तान ६ अगीतायन ७ छिद्रान्वेषी ---फेसबुक -डाश्याम गुप्त

शुक्रवार, 9 नवंबर 2012

The negative aspects of positive things ...dr shyam gupt

                                        ....कर्म की बाती,ज्ञान का घृत हो,प्रीति के दीप जलाओ...

                           The negative aspects of positive things

                We have been the country who have learnt..not to see bad, not to listen bad, not to do bad . The doing is all well but why one must not see & listen bad…without which he is not able to think  and do right things, since there may be negative sides of so called & known positive things if not analysed with both aspects .

              The CEO of Coca cola India with  two of his coworkers did a remarkable  thing to develop ‘ eko cool boxes’ to provide cold-fizzy cocacola in rural area of india . These boxes have been distributed  in villages free of cost.  The ekoolboxes work like refrigerators to cool cocacola bottals without electricity as the are cooled by using solar energy. Moreover charging of mobiles, igniting lanterns for light in night etc can also be done using these boxes.

             This has enhanced  the sale of their product in rural India as the have succeeded to let the cocacola enter in remote villages of India , for which these employees would have been ‘CELIBS’ in their company and must have been promoted with post & perks.

             To public & general point of view this seems to be a great  advancement  to ease the life that people of villages too will be able to enjoy the fizzing of cocacola as seen in ads by Hero & Heroins etc. to quench  his thirst in hot summer in India .

      So what is the negative side of such a positive looking advancement ……????

1..Since the sale of coca cola etc is hampered by Indian companies like Amool etc by providing alternate drinks in form of cold-milk, lassi, matthaa etc in urban areas of our country, so now coca cola wishes to spread his foot in villages like this.

2...Our own people ( the workers of multinationals)  are promoting Coca cola , a foreign product having no food value which dis-promote & may replace the local cold drinks …Lassi, Maththa, shervat, Thandai, & tarbooz, kharbooz etc effecting the  local & our own deshi indian market in villages too….just due to greed of their own personal benefits, defying the national interest  the long story of economic interests of multinationals companies is well known to all but not to big salaried multinational indian workars …”WHAT’s better than money “.

                              SO WHAT can be done

                We , our Govt.  local bodies … our village shopkeepers  should accept the developmental instruments…and develop  these ’eko cool boxes’ like ..on their own but decline to use the same for coca cola but for local cold drinks etc. if they want to save  their own local markets and Bazar and commodity.