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एक चिकित्सक, शल्य-चिकित्सक जो हिन्दी हिन्दू हिन्दुस्तान व उसकी संस्कृति-सभ्यता के पुनुरुत्थान व समुत्थान को समर्पित है व हिन्दी एवम हिन्दी साहित्य की शुद्धता, सरलता, जन-सम्प्रेषणीयता के साथ कविता को जन-जन के निकट व जन को कविता के निकट लाने को ध्येयबद्ध है क्योंकि साहित्य ही व्यक्ति, समाज, देश राष्ट्र को तथा मानवता को सही राह दिखाने में समर्थ है, आज विश्व के समस्त द्वन्द्वों का मूल कारण मनुष्य का साहित्य से दूर होजाना ही है.... मेरी तेरह पुस्तकें प्रकाशित हैं... काव्य-दूत,काव्य-मुक्तामृत,;काव्य-निर्झरिणी, सृष्टि ( on creation of earth, life and god),प्रेम-महाकाव्य ,on various forms of love as whole. शूर्पणखा काव्य उपन्यास, इन्द्रधनुष उपन्यास एवं अगीत साहित्य दर्पण (-अगीत विधा का छंद-विधान ), ब्रज बांसुरी ( ब्रज भाषा काव्य संग्रह), कुछ शायरी की बात होजाए ( ग़ज़ल, नज़्म, कतए , रुबाई, शेर का संग्रह), अगीत त्रयी ( अगीत विधा के तीन महारथी ), तुम तुम और तुम ( श्रृगार व प्रेम गीत संग्रह ), ईशोपनिषद का काव्यभावानुवाद .. my blogs-- 1.the world of my thoughts श्याम स्मृति... 2.drsbg.wordpres.com, 3.साहित्य श्याम 4.विजानाति-विजानाति-विज्ञान ५ हिन्दी हिन्दू हिन्दुस्तान ६ अगीतायन ७ छिद्रान्वेषी ---फेसबुक -डाश्याम गुप्त

गुरुवार, 30 जुलाई 2015


                                ....कर्म की बाती,ज्ञान का घृत हो,प्रीति के दीप जलाओ...

                             WORTH READING - DON'T MISS



        One of my friend had an interesting investigation and observed the following which is being quoted as such in his own words ----
         CHICKPET is known the business hub of Bangalore City with more than 1000 shops in the locality. This place is always crowed as people throng to buy clothes, furniture, toys etc. at a wholesale price.
           Yesterday, I had been there as part of my educational research to talk to few shop keepers to understand how they do business and what education has to do to them with regards to their business. During my interaction with many shop keepers in Chickpet I found that, most of them were from Rajasthan. One more interesting thing that I found was that most of them were in their teenage (18, 19, 20, 21 ). Out of all, meeting a young 10th std dropout who runs a clothes shop was very interesting. His name is Bramhadev from Rajasthan. I thought of sharing few our discussions here.
         As I went into the crowded shop as a customer, he greeted me with a great smile calling "Anna banni en bekithu". (Meaning: Brother, what do you want)
(The conversation was in Kannada. I have translated it below)

Myself: I wanted to check for some nice shirt and pant piece.
Bramhadev: Tell me sir, what is the range you are looking at ?

Myself: You first show me all the clothes, let me choose out of those.
Bramhadev: Sure sir and started showing me all his collections. (Meanwhile during the selection time, I thought of asking him few questions, which was my only intention)

Myself: How did you learn Kannada ?
Bramhadev: Sir, obviously by talking to people.

Myself: But, your Kannada is very fluent !
Bramhadev: Sir, initially, I found it difficult, but, when I continued speaking to customers, I learnt it on the fly. Now, I speak better than Bangalore Kanndigas. ( Laughing loud )

Myself: Superb. When did you start this business ? Bramhadev: Its almost 10 years now. I started it when I failed in my 10th. My uncle got me into this business.

Myself: How many languages can you speak ?
Brahmadev: I can speak, Hindi, English, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam(To an extent).

Myself: Oh my God ! How did you learn so many ?
Brahmadev: I told you sir, Customers taught me (Laughs again)

Myself: Sorry to ask you, but still out of curiosity, I just wanted to know what would be your monthly turn over ?
Brahmadev: Ummmm, it depends on the festival season. Normally, the turnover would be around 8 - 9 lakhs per month, and during festivals it will shoot up to 15 lakhs. Profit upto Rs. 4 lakh per month.

Myself: What ? Oh my God ! Thats a super number ! Great man !
Brahmadev: What great sir ? In Chickpet, this is very very less. Others make double than what I do.

Myself: Didn't you feel like completing your education by studying further ?
Brahmadev: Sir, to be honest, none of our family members completed education. To complete my education it might take another 5 - 6 years which I feel is a big waste of time and money. I invested both in my business. Today, I will challenge none of the educated person with 10 years experience will earn as much as I do. What do you say sir ?

Myself: Hmmm....Yes. True. But still education would have helped you grow more than what you are earning today.
Brahmadev: Seriously No sir. Education would give us fear and make us feel that, one has to work under someone to earn their livelihood. Education does not teach us to live independently. I also have many friends who studied along with me and completed graduation. None are into business. Almost all are working in some private firm.

Myself: Hmmmm....So you don't regret completing education ?
Bramhadev: Definitley No sir. I am very happy. (In between our conversation, another customer had purchased around 20 pairs of shirt and pant, and few sarees. Without using a calculator Bramhadev calculated the total cost of the purchase and told the customer the total cost including 10% discount in just 15 - 20 seconds. )

Myself: Boss, you don't even use calculator ?
Bramhadev: Sir, educated people need calculator and mobile phones to calculate. Not me ( Laughs aloud

Myself: Started smiling and put my head down (because I was using calculator to calculate the cost of my purchase. LOL.)
Bramhadev: I continuously practiced calculating. I am doing this since 10 years and I have become perfect. I am sure, I will never err in my calculation.
                    After this, I made a purchase and the next whole day, I was thinking about our conversation again and again. I would like to infer what I learnt. ----
1. Without higher education, Bramhadev is not jobless. Where as our today's graduates with distinction are still in search of a job.
2. Without higher education, Bramhadev has good communication skills. But, today's corporate world complains about our graduates for having no communication skills.
3. Without higher education, Bramhadev earns in lakhs, where as our current generation graduates complains of not having enough salary to pay their EMIs.
4. Without higher education, Bramhadev's mathematical mind works faster than today's graduates who has cleared different levels of mathematics papers with high scores. Today's graduates needs Mobile Phones to perform simple calculation.
5. Without higher education, Bramhadev has no fear of losing his job, but today's graduate employees are always fear of getting fired from the company they are working in.

-------Now, my question in mind is----

Finally this was his Question..

बात मेरी न सुने सारा ज़माना चाहे -----कुछ शायरी की बात होजाए-------ड़ा श्याम गुप्त ....

                                                     ....कर्म की बाती,ज्ञान का घृत हो,प्रीति के दीप जलाओ...

कुछ शायरी की बात होजाए ---डा श्याम गुप्त ...



                                     मेरी सद्य प्रकाशित कृति--कुछ शायरी की बात होजाए

बात मेरी न सुने सारा ज़माना चाहे
चंद जाहिद तो सुनेंगे औ सुधर जायेंगे | ---ड़ा श्याम गुप्त
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                            उन सभी नामचीन्ह, गुमनाम, अनाम, बेनाम शायरों-शायराओं, उस्तादों, ग़ज़लगो, गज़लनवीसों, ग़ज़लकारों का जिनकी शायरी व गज़लें सुनते-पढ़ते शायरी व ग़ज़ल में रूचि, समझ व कहने-लिखने की इच्छा जागृत हुई |                                          ----- ड़ा श्याम गुप्त ..

------मूल कथ्य -----

-------जब मैंने विभिन्न शायरों की शायरी—गज़लें व नज्में आदि सुनी-पढीं व देखीं विशेषतया गज़ल...जो विविध प्रकार की थीं..बिना काफिया, बिना रदीफ, वज्न आदि का उठना गिरना आदि ...तो मुझे ख्याल आया बस लय व गति से गाते चलिए, गुनगुनाते चलिए गज़ल बनती चली जायगी | कुछ फिसलती गज़लें होंगी कुछ भटकती ग़ज़ल| हाँ लय गति यति युक्त गेयता व भाव-सम्प्रेषणयुक्तता तथा सामाजिक-सरोकार युक्त होना चाहिए और आपके पास भाषा, भाव, विषय-ज्ञान व कथ्य-शक्ति होना चाहिए|
बस गाते-गुनगुनाते जो गज़ले-नज्में आदि बनतीं गयीं... जिनमें ‘त्रिपदा-अगीत गज़ल’, अति-लघु नज़्म आदि कुछ नए प्रयोग भी किये गए है.. यहाँ पेश हैं...मुलाहिजा फरमाइए ........
                                                                                                         ------डा श्याम गुप्त
--------परम सत्ता नमन ---- ( वंदना )

बड़े बड़ों के ढीले सुर - तेवर होजाते हैं |
क्या तिनका क्या गर्वोन्नत गिरि नत होजाते हैं |

कुछ भी तेरे हाथ नहीं रे नर तू फिर क्यों ऐंठा,
उस असीम के आगे अबके सिर झुक जाते हैं |

हमने बड़े बड़े बलशाली पर्वत-गिरि देखे ,
बरसे पानी कड़के बिजली सब ढह जाते हैं|

आंधी बिजली तूफानों ने तेवर खूब दिखाए
मन की दृढ़ता के आगे वे क्या कर पाते हैं |

चाहे जितना राग-द्वेष , छल-छंद करे कोई
सत्य राह के आगे सब नत सिर होजाते हैं |

तूफानों के बीच भंवर में नैया डगमग डोले
मांझी के मज़बूत इरादे खेकर ले जाते हैं|

सत पौरुष बल मन की दृढ़ता, अपने निज पे भरोसा
हो ईश्वर पर श्रृद्धा तब ये गुण मिल पाते हैं |

वही भरोसा बल है सत है वही आत्मविश्वास
उसे भूलते अहं-भाव रत, कष्ट उठाते हैं|

जिसके आगे बड़े बड़ों की अकड नहीं चल पाए ,
श्याम' परमसत्ता के आगे शीश झुकाते हैं||